Damso back with the title “OEveillé” : Booba plays trolls

“Œveillé” : Damso released a new title before the album “QALF”

While “the most anticipated album of the year will not come out it you year”, Damso does not leave his fans without a project of his or her share in the meantime “QALF”. To prove it, the rapper is back today with a brand new sound entitled “OEveillé” and unveiled for the first during a live on Konbini. A live trollé by… Booba to change.

After “Battery low” in 2016, “Selfhood” in 2017 and “Lithopédion” in 2018, Damso had planned to release his new album “QALF” the end of 2019, but it has decided to shift its arrival to caring for her mother who has some health concerns. It is in its feat with Hamza, God Bless, that Dems announced the news : “the most anticipated album of the year will not come out it you year / The daronne in a coma / So I’m going to nothing coming out this year / The time that the daronne walk, so the hosto.” No date has been announced for the moment, patience !

Damso hits hard with his new sound OEveillé

It’s not going to delay any longer, “when will confided to Damso on Konbini before specifying that “QALF” is at the stage of the mix : “I’m in the mix since December, and I stopped with the problems of my mother. Now that it’s getting better I can start again. I am in a good spirit now. It will not be the same concept as the QALF of 2015, it has evolved.” The rapper belgian is associated with the media to unveil the first of its all-new freestyle in OEveillé that he recorded in one take at a live Instagram. A whole new sound, without a chorus, quite different from his previous ones.

Damso loose a flow on a rapid beat heady and efficient and the punchlines always also cash : “Ok, fucking shit, god damn’, God bless, daronne output of the hess, should I confess (…) Oh, fuck, you made me break my balls (bitch), you made me break my balls, whore, me, I just wanted that we fuck (…) Oh damn, you made me break it too my balls, bitch, leave before the slap, I will act out / P*te, case-you to my life, go, shalom, hi, no, I’m not you marry, co*net, go, out of my sight, stop.” Very romantic…

The troll Booba return

During the live Instagram of Damso, this Thursday 23 January 2020, forty thousand internet users about were waiting for you to discover OEveillé. Guess who was also present ? Booba ! The enemy of The Weasel is invited to live and has released several tackles against his former protégé in the string : “This is what these bracelets surf there ? You’re a surfer or what???“, “Hamdoullah, the daronne will be better“, “Avoid swinging ‘sal’, ‘nwar’, ‘pirate’, thank you”, “He has a big head ouf your brother“, “What is charisma“, “How suspense“, “Did a piece on pedophilia, it is important to pedophilia“. In short, B2O, who has again collaborated with Maes, was released and as has been so well said in a Twitter : “it looks like an ex-psychopath“.

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