Damso, the release of his album “QALF” delayed ? “I’m nothing released this year”

Damso : the release of his album “QALF” delayed ? He sows the doubt in her duet with Hamza

“The most anticipated album of the year will not come out it you year”, balance Damso in God Bless his feat with Hamza released on Thursday 19 December 2019. This sentence is obviously not gone unnoticed. The release of the new album of the rapper, “QALF”, seems so delayed and the artist has made this decision for a reason.

“The most anticipated album of the year will not come out it you year”

Since “low Battery” in 2016, Damso has a habit of releasing an album every year : it has unveiled “Selfhood” in 2017 and “Lithopédion” in 2018. And while the rapper had announced the arrival of its fourth album, “QALF” for this year, for the month of December 2019 precisely, it still has nothing announced and it could well wait until 2020 for the draw.

How is it ? It is in its feat with Hamza, God Bless, that Damso, who has shared his / her back in the studio last may, says : “the most anticipated album of the year will not come out it you year / The daronne in a coma / So I’m going to nothing coming out this year / The time that the daronne walk, so the hosto.” The former protégé of Booba and was thus the preparation of his album in parentheses to take care of his mom. Announce a date for “QALF” remains difficult. Hamza, himself, has just released its latest studio project “Santa Sauce 2” this Friday, December 20, 2019.

Users support Damso

Even if some users are sad not to be able to listen to the opus of Damso this year, most of them support it and send their thoughts to his mother : “Damso out of album this year because his mother is in a coma it is totally understandable. force to its mama !“, “Force him“, “Give all the best doctors in the daronne of Damso we want an album we“, “I’m sad for damso wesh“, “The mother of Damso is hospitalized for a long time, I bring all my support, “one can read on Twitter.

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