Dan Balan did not have time to blink, as Carol already caught in the gentle embrace of a man: “a little lipstick drip” photo

Дан Балан не успел моргнуть, а Кароль уже поймали в нежных объятиях мужчины: "Слегка помада потекла", фото

today, 16:28

Famous Ukrainian singer Tina Karol noticed in the company of an unknown man. Who is this young man is not at all clear. However, fans of Tina already attributed to her new romance, despite the rumors about the relations with the Moldovan singer Dan Balan.

This became known thanks to the advance in network Isntagram fan page of Tina.

Дан Балан не успел моргнуть, а Кароль уже поймали в нежных объятиях мужчины: "Слегка помада потекла", фото

Publish to fan page of Tina Karol, Instagram

Fans noticed an interesting detail that the singer is slightly blurred outline of lipstick. Some fans have suggested that beauty Tina has managed to give kiss the guy and therefore “floated” lipstick. The picture shows that the man is firmly holding in the arms of Tina Karol. Young people look at the photo happy and satisfied.

It is worth reminding our readers that after the death of her husband Eugene Ogira in 2013, Tina has never been in an official relationship. Rumors of the singer’s novels appear in the Network almost every day. And the recent suggestion Dan Balan on children with Carol and all forced fans to “marry” a couple.

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