Dan Balan will perform at the show “Dancing with the stars”

Dan Balan выступит на шоу «Танцы со звездами»

New live dance show to delight not only the numbers of Ukrainian celebrities, but also the performance of a popular artist

Sunday will see the fifth edition of the project “dancing with the stars”, which left 10 star couples that will present new dance performances.

The air will be held under the theme “the Year that changed my life.” Rooms will immerse viewers in the crucial moments that happened in the life of star parties.

Viewers will learn what cost Michelle Andrade to leave life in Bolivia and to move to Ukraine, and Igor Lastochkin that grew up in a poor family, to achieve success and become a comedian.

Lesya Nikityuk also remembers his difficult path to success, and all the emotions she will transfer to the tango. Denis Berinchyk will tell you how a regular guy can succeed in sport and become world champion. The history of the boxer show in a rousing hip-hop. Anita Lutsenko will tell how she overcame obesity and began to train people. In the new issue of Anita will dance salsa.

The company leading the project to Yury Gorbunov star on the balcony will be leading projects “Inspector. City” and “the King of desserts,” Vladimir Ostapchuk. He will meet the participants after the speeches and the first to find out their impressions and emotions from the estimates, which will ask them to judge the project MONATIK, Catherine Cook and Vlad Yama.

Room-the opening will be dedicated to the International day of older persons, celebrated on 1 October. Participants will dance on one floor along with the elderly people, thereby will open the room the path of a person from childhood to old age.

The chief guest of the air will be specially invited star, the singer is Dan Balan, the author of the song “Live Your Life” performed by singer Rihanna, which was nominated for the award “Grammy 2009”. Moldovan popular singer will please the viewers of his famous song “Hold on Love”.

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