Dana Pavlychko: “Ukrainian literature could be a powerful force in the fight with the Russian propaganda”

The girl at the age of 23 he returned to Ukraine to lead book publisher

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“I protested against the self-imposed rules and formalities”, says the heir to a literary dynasty and the head of publishing house “Osnovy”. It is in these minutes represents about what speaks. We meet in one of the most difficult moments for all office workers Monday morning. Despite this, the publishing house provides a calm and relaxed atmosphere, the staff are drinking tea on the balcony overlooking the yard, and this despite the fact that in several steps always noisy intersection between sports Palace and NSC “Olympic”.

Dana Pavlychko , and she embodies the phrase “to be rather than to seem”. In interviews she comes in short denim shorts, face a minimum of make-up. More interesting to talk to a girl who dared to return from Europe, and 23 years independently to lead the publishing house is not the easiest business in the digital age. She invites us to his office – here pictures of modern artists and colorful stand with all editions of the brand.

With a click of the recorder is Given the maximum focus, it is extremely attentive to the questions and will answer them. I hope that we all told a little more than usual.

– Your mother was a literary critic, your grandfather is a writer Pavlo Zagrebelny and poet Dmytro Pavlychko. Was there any chance that you are not going to connect their lives to literature?

My family, of course, gave me a great start. But I really thought that not going in their footsteps, and they didn’t push it. Everything happened quite spontaneously. I studied Economics abroad. Then, back in Ukraine, I realized that ready to lead the publisher to continue the family business, my mother, who died when I was 11 years old. My father, who went abroad and still lives there, was overjoyed about my intention. For me, it was important that it was my decision, and I now can say that I was not mistaken.

Дана Павлычко: "Украинская литература могла бы стать мощной силой в борьбе с российской пропагандой"

Dana with her mother and grandfather Dmytro Pavlychko

– When came this turning point?

– Originally I was returning to the country to engage in governance. But then there was an urgent issue and what to do with the “Basics”: change them or close? And this year is 10 years since I head it. All to the publisher for almost 30 years.

Our literature breaks the templates.

– Share what it’s like to learn, when your grandparents studied in school?

– Yes, to study in our schools at all difficult, they have more of the Soviet type. I remember that I was there for a long time I couldn’t find, misbehaved, broke the lessons were there against the imposed framework, and this spirit has passed into the books we’re doing now. Our literature breaks the templates. So you could say I became a bully the literary.

You came into the business, being still quite a young girl. But misunderstandings on the part of men? There is much talk about the fact that women are more difficult to build a career, even Hollywood Actresses often get less fees…

– Yes, we on the subject even the book given to Tamara martsenyuk, “Gender all”. Women do not easy. I was really lucky with such problems are not encountered. But I perceive that people in business don’t really like to take seriously young aspiring entrepreneurs. But there is no template that you want to look or live. Unfortunately, stereotypes still prevail in society. But the woman owes nothing, and she could be free in how she looks, where he works and what he says! You should always be yourself.

Дана Павлычко: "Украинская литература могла бы стать мощной силой в борьбе с российской пропагандой"

Dana Pavlychko

– You brought up from childhood with such a free or an acquired trait?

I have always been against the rules, which to me seemed illogical. We have one life and should live it happily.

We are still arguing with grandpa about design books.

– A famous grandfather did not try to establish some framework in education?

– Of course, the older generation has its views, but it’s important for me to stay in harmony with yourself, only then I’m happy.

– If they abused you for a Frank edition?

– Yes, we are still arguing with grandpa (Dmytro Pavlychko, Pavlo zagrebelnyi died in 2009 – approx. ed.) about the design books that we have to do, and what not, but it’s great. It is important to hear different opinions. Different views in the end will make the book more interesting, and my imagination wider. And should be happy about criticism, but constructive!

Дана Павлычко: "Украинская литература могла бы стать мощной силой в борьбе с российской пропагандой"

Books “Basics”

Yeah, Haight in social networks is clearly not one of them include…

– Social network is a terrible avalanche. The minimum I try to spend time there, I go only for work. I don’t have a Facebook app on the phone. Social networks ruin the lives, not make people happy, but only create the illusion of communication. There’s a lot of unnecessary information, which is not the desired brand. Better remaining time to spend with friends, read, walk or do nothing, watching the sun and sky.

We do not enter into disputes and conflicts in social networks.

And you have the time?

Is, because I specifically plan. Here you cease to actively sit in social networks, and you will be surprised how much time you have.

– Returning to Haight or just shame-the unjust comments in social networks…

– Of course, it hurts to read sometimes. The code of our publishing house stipulates that we do not enter into disputes and conflicts in social networks. And it’s not constructive, because there are life and it is beautiful. So frankly negative comments we do not pay attention. If we specifically pointed out a mistake, we apologize and corrected. But if we get feedback that came defective book, we can compensate for its cost.

Дана Павлычко: "Украинская литература могла бы стать мощной силой в борьбе с российской пропагандой"

Dana Pavlychko, the head of publishing house “Osnovy”

– You work with young writers?

– Since we do not work with fiction, we often make young illustrators. We have already held a competition of YOUNG UKRAINIAN BOOK DESIGN AWARDS, which were looking for the best illustrators up to 30 years. The publisher is currently working on many books and pictures. So we also need a master of this case and especially want to attract the older generation. We are in search of cool non-vixena. Ready to give and autobiographies, and memoirs. So we are always looking for new names and new views on Ukraine, because we are dealing in most cases with our content. You should give people a chance to create.

– Is there a formula for successful books?

Is a very complex business. We have a successful book, there are at least any reader. Our English-language series of Awesome Ukraine, where there are books Awesome Kyiv, Lviv, Awesome, Awesome Dnipro, Odesa Awesome this series for us and represents success, it is very warmly received by the audience. This year we’re expanding, and start to work on foreign Awesome: Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan. If we talk about fiction, I’m always looking for, which is so interesting to read. Me in books important new view of reality, human existence, and that these messages are not repeated from earlier I have already read. A new reason to be afraid. It is important to believe in the author and then he will believe in yourself and do it even better.

Дана Павлычко: "Украинская литература могла бы стать мощной силой в борьбе с российской пропагандой"

Dana Pavlychko

– How to attract foreign readers?

– We understand that they know nothing about us. So we started to make guides about the country. Ukrainian literature in General is not present in the foreign market, it needs a serious promo. We should find new names and promote them at the international fair and literary meetings in order to learn about them. In terms of literature of Ukraine – the black space on the map. Books, too, same product, like everything else, they also need good marketing. In this area is urgently needed and help the country. The state should help the talented Ukrainian authors to be recognized all over the world. I hope the newly elected authorities will take the time and this niche. For the Ukrainian cultural diplomacy is very important. Ukrainian literature could be a powerful force in the fight against Russian propaganda. Russia allocates enormous amounts of money in order to promote their culture worldwide.

My life’s work – “the Basics”.

– What other steps should be taken by the state in the sphere of book publishing?

– Action should be very much. To begin with assistance in the development of Ukrainian book stores on local and national levels. More transparency in the procurement procedure libraries literature. I would like to change in higher education. Universities generally do not buy books and we also never addressed. Expect that in the future there will be a grant program for foreign publishers. That is, they receive funds for translations of Ukrainian writers. Such a model already working effectively in the world, and we should also start a similar program.

Дана Павлычко: "Украинская литература могла бы стать мощной силой в борьбе с российской пропагандой"

Dana Pavlychko spoke about the development of book publishing in Ukraine

– And you were thinking of going into politics?

Now I’m loyal to only the publisher. I’m ready to join different cultural projects, but my life’s work – “the Basics”.

Try not to take more than you need.

– How about the fact that the stars go into politics?

– There are cases when people not from the sphere of public policy come in and make changes for the better, but it is more of the exception than the rule. I think people should be prepared to work and responsibility. They should know the law, history, to understand how the state system works, because no time left to study and mistakes. I think a lot of people want to do good, but it may end tragically. Still I try to be optimistic, after all, needs change, people are tired of old political elites and they need not illusory reforms. With singers and presenters are also professionals in the composition of the party, maybe it would work.

– You have a one-year-old daughter Solomia, how to combine a successful work and personal life?

– I love what I do, and I get it to combine with family chores. Besides, I don’t give myself additional challenges. Though I sometimes reproach myself, that do little but try to still these thoughts to drive away, it is important to love yourself. Just try not to take more than you need. I know how to delegate, to give employees independence, and then the business becomes even more effective.

Дана Павлычко: "Украинская литература могла бы стать мощной силой в борьбе с российской пропагандой"

Dana Pavlychko with her daughter Solomiya

– Where did you meet her husband, Director Roman Blagona?

– At school, the Ukrainian school of political studies. According to statistics, this is a very popular practice: people are introduced through friends or school. I came here to improve himself and met his love. He is from Donetsk, and I’m from Kiev, we can say that we are “sew” Ukraine. Lucky for me, I’ve spent my life looking for my man and I met him.

– You both come from a creative profession?

We immediately became friends, a team, and that the key to understanding. Of course, when you live together, you can recommend something to each other about business. In General, we are very independent. Everyone has their own way, but we both can offer another perspective on some issue, and it helps a lot.

– The house reconstructed from the “head” to “wife”?

– Yes, because I’m generally open to the views of others and to command – it’s not my main ambition. Even at work I want everyone to be my own Director.

You were married in a very unusual for a Ukrainian bride the way that he decided to this?

– And why not? You can always wear what you want exactly. I still wear my wedding image. Yes, I wanted to be in that pajamas on his wedding.

Lucky for me, I’ve spent my life looking for my man and I met him.

Дана Павлычко: "Украинская литература могла бы стать мощной силой в борьбе с российской пропагандой"

Wedding photo This Pavlychko and Roman Blazina

– What book you recently read the most hooked?

– I always read non-fiction, philosophical and fiction books. Now finish Joseph Stirlitz about the morality of capitalism. It is a question about why the modern world is faced with such challenges, why the United States chose the trump, why now give preference to the ultra-right forces. It is explained that all of the above events gave rise to liberal economic theory. In this book, even talking about why the Scandinavian countries are happier, there is no disparity, but it is also the main problem in Ukraine. In order to understand how to develop our country further, we need to understand how to eradicate. How to make sure that we all lived in a harmonious country.

– What in the near future to expect from “the Basics”?

Cookbook, books on photography, especially a series of balconies and Church architecture. We plan to publish Awesome about gastronomy of Ukraine, about wine, about our farms.

Earlier we wrote about the books that are worth reading for self-development.

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Дана Павлычко: "Украинская литература могла бы стать мощной силой в борьбе с российской пропагандой"

Дана Павлычко: "Украинская литература могла бы стать мощной силой в борьбе с российской пропагандой"

Дана Павлычко: "Украинская литература могла бы стать мощной силой в борьбе с российской пропагандой"


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