“Dances with stars z 2019”: how was the fifth edition of the show

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"Танці з зірками 2019": как прошел пятый выпуск шоу

Z dances with stars 2019: how was the fifth air

This Sunday, September 22, hosted the fifth edition of the show “Dances with stars z 2019”, which was left earlier by another couple. The theme of the new live – “the Year that changed my life.” Participants again devoted his rooms beloved people and told about the secret. How was the fifth edition of the dance project in Ukraine, learn more.

Fifth ether “Tancu z 2019 with a stars” was opened by Daniel Salem and Yulia sakhnevich. A touching Viennese waltz couple dedicated friends, which is so important often to admit love. The jury appreciated the dance in 28 points.

Vladimir Ostapchuk and Ilona Gvozdeva lit flooring “Tanzu” people’s disco hit under the well-known Verka Serduchka. Star judges of the project made to participants 27 points.

Following their dance, presented Victoria Bulitko and Dmitry Dikusar. The steam room is dedicated to the actress Marina Poplavskaya, who last year died in a car accident. The performance earned 25 points.

Anna Rizatdinova and Alexander Prokhorov your fusion was devoted to Ukrainian athletes. Francisco Gomez, Kateryna Kuhar and Vlad Yama pirouettes gymnast and her partner estimated at 26 points.

Further, in the fifth ether “Tanzu s with a stars” danced Jiji and Jan Cybulski. Quick-step contestants brought them 20 points.

Alain Shoptenko and Alex Yarovenko his dance spoke about one of the most dramatic pages in history – the explosion in Chernobyl. The skill of the dancers brought them to 21 points.

The following 5 broadcast of “Dancing” was made by Ksenia Mishina and Jack the cat. The couple danced on the dance floor hip-hop track MONATIK under “My”. Francisco Gomez said that this style is not suitable to the participants.

Elena Kravets Maxim Leonov touched soulful tango the song Alla Pugacheva “just like everyone else.” Total score-pair – 24.

Michael Kukuk and Elizaveta Druzhinina danced this time by 20 points.

Lyudmila Barbir and her partner Dmitry Zhuk introduced the Foxtrot to the shrill song Jamala “wayhome” for all moms. The judges gave the contestants 27 points.

MARUV and JAY who went on the floor next performed a fascinating dance to the hit that brought Anna Korsun popularity. Today, the jury made to participants 23 points.

Also find out who left “Dances with stars z 2019” in the fifth edition.

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