“Dances with stars z 2019”: who left the project in the second ether

Find out which pair first dropped out of the project

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"Танці з зірками 2019": кто покинул проект во втором эфире

“Dances with stars z 2019”: who left the project in the second ether

Sunday, September 1 on TV channel “1+1” was the second live project “Dances with stars z 2019”. In the second issue of the first viewers voted for their favorites, and members dedicated to the performances of their idols. Last night, according to the rules, the show left the first pair.

After all 14 pairs-participants of the show “Tantsi z with a stars” was performed live, the lines to vote were closed. To this point, the standings looked like this:

According to the results of the audience voting, to which he added scores from judges Catherine Kuchar, Vlad Pits and Francisco Gomez, the weakest dancers of the updated project “Tantsi z with a stars” became TAYANNA and Igor Kuzmenko. They left the project. The remaining members will continue to fight for the super bowl next live broadcasts every Sunday on TV channel “1+1”.

Watch the performance TAYANNA and Igor Kuzmenko – z Dances with stars 2019 – 01.09.2019:

How was the second live show “Dances with stars z”, read more here.

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