“Dances with stars z”: how was the first edition of the show

Find out the details of the live broadcast of the new season of dance

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"Танці з зірками": как прошел первый выпуск шоу

Z dances with stars 2019: how was the first issue

Sunday, August 25 on channel “1+1” took place the premiere of the new season of show “Dances with stars z”. Live made 14 couples who got their first points from the jury. According to the rules in the first issue, none of the participants left the project. Further, the material Today.Lifestyle see, how was the first release of the most dance programs this season.

Recall that the jury “Dances with stars z 2019” king of ballroom dance Vlad Yama, Ukrainian prima ballerina Ekaterina Chef, and choreographer of the global scale of Francisco Gomez.

Thus, the release began with the return to the floor the winner of the previous season Ilona hammer, who danced a rousing cha-cha-cha with Vladimir Ostapchuk. Almost every judge, except for Vlad the Pit, criticized Ostapchuk, was pleased with the performance of the pair. In sum, Ilona and Vladimir got the first 22 points in the project “Dances with stars z”.

The second went to the site the singer TAYANNA and dancer, as well as the former partner of the winner of the project “Dances with stars 3 W” Natalia Mogilev – Igor Kuzmenko. During the sensual Rumba Tanna sang one of his songs “Skoda”. The judges appreciated the performance of Tatyana Reshetnyak and Igor Kuzmenko 21 points.

Third set, opened the new season of “Tanzu s with a stars” became the actor and TV presenter Daniel Salem and Yulia sakhnevich. Argentine tango pair sang the most popular song of this year billie eilish – bad guy. Jury ambiguously praised the performance of the contestants, but still awarded them 21 points.

Next, the audience first broadcast pleased with the star “Fortress” Ksenia Mishina and Eugene the cat. Emotional Foxtrot brought Xenia and Eugene 8 points from Francisco Gomez, Kateryna Kuhar and Vlad Yama, a total of 24 points.

Actress “Diesel Show” Victoria Bulitko will conquer the dance floor with the former husband of Irina Bilyk, Alena, Shoptenko – Dmitry Dikusar, who triumphantly returned to the project. The pair performed a vibrant Lindy hop and earned 17 points.

Alain Sopenko, which a few years ago, I participated in “Dancing” with the current President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, again participates in the show. On the floor the dancer went with the actor of the TV series “Fortress” Alexey Yarovenko. Viennese waltz jury 21 points.

Presenter Nadezhda Matveeva to learn the craft of dance with Valery Shokhin. The pair danced a stirring tango, which earned them 17 points.

First aired show “Dances with stars z 2019” continued the TV presenter Lyudmila Barbir and Dmitry Zhuk. Passionate dance impressed the judges, and Catherine Kuchar and even called her his Muse. A pair of Barbir and Beetle earned 27 points.

Next to the floor “Dancing” came Serge and Adelina Delhi. The pair was surprised by the freestyle to the famous Russian song of the artist – “Black Boomer”. Francisco Gomez advised Serge to work on choreography and gave the pair a total of 6 points. In sum, Adeline and Serge got 19 points.

Olympic medal winner Anna Rizatdinova and Alexander Prokhorov for the first broadcast of the new season “s Dances with stars” has chosen the Paso Doble, which is enchanting sang hit THE HARDKISS – Cohens. The number of the pair caused a huge excitement among all members of the jury, who appreciated the dance of Anna and Alexander’s 29 points.

Up next was lit by the star of “Swingers” Michael Kukuk and Lisa Druzhinina. The quickstep brought a pair just 15 points.

Shocking MARUV and her partner Eugene Dmitriyenko presented the most provocative of the number of the first air, “Dances with stars z” and fall in love with Francisco Gomez. The jury appreciated the performance MARUV and Genis in 25 points.

Another couple left on the floors of the new season of “Dancing” became DZIDZIO and Jan Cybulski. And although the singer has not yet managed to “tame” the passionate salsa, the jury made to participants 18 points.

The couple, who closed the first issue of season 6 of the show “Tantsi z with a stars” became the actress Elena Kravetz and Max Leonov. The participants prepared a theatrical and melancholic Foxtrot, which earned them 24 points.

In the first broadcast “Tanzu s with a stars” the three leaders began Rizatdinova couple Anna and Alexander Prokhorov, Ludmila Barber and Dmitry Zhuk, MARUV and JAY.

Earlier we wrote that one of the participants of the show “Dances with stars z 2019” was injured during a rehearsal.

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