“Dances with stars z”: videos of the presentations of all participants of the first broadcast

"Танці з зірками": видео выступлений всех участников первого эфира

On Sunday evening, August 26, took place the first live show of the new season of the popular show “Dances with stars z”. In connection with the injury in the first program not, the soloist of the duet “Neangely” Glory Kaminska, who was injured in training with his partner Igor Kuzmenko. However, according to the rules of the show, first broadcast none of the participants left the show.

“FACTS” collected videos of all of the participants of the show.

Paso Doble from “the Bachelor,” Irakli Makatsaria and seductive Jana Hare.

Freestyle by Lesya Nikityuk and Maxim Yezhov.

Romantic Bachata from Michelle Andrade and Eugene the Cat.

Contemporary dance performed by fitness coach Anita Lutsenko and Alexander Prokhorov. The dance was dedicated to Kuzma Scriabin.

The judges appreciated the Rumba played by Masha Efrosinina and Maxim Leonov.

Pavel Zibrov dedicated the waltz with Mary Shmeleva his wife, Marina.

Boxer Denis Berinchik, along with partner Catherine Belyavskaya coped well with the Argentine tango.

Comedian Igor Lastochkin cool performed the Jive with Ilona hammer.

Singer Zlata ognevich and Dmitry Zhuk danced modern with an Eastern touch.

Salsa from Nikolay Tishchenko and ex-soloist of the group “Nikita” Nana.

Oksana Marchenko, around participation which broke the scandal with Dmitry Chaplin danced the waltz.

Actor Pavel Vishnyakov has done with tango with Yulia sakhnevich.

Completed competition program of the first broadcast of the hip hop Senichkina Yana and Ruslan Tsybulsky.

Pair Senechkin-Cybulski became the winner of the air.

"Танці з зірками": видео выступлений всех участников первого эфира

All of the participants of the show “Dances with stars z” read on “FACTS”.

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