Danger! Anatoliy Anatolich remembered the terrible moment in the life of

The celebrities spoke about the terrible incidents that happened in childhood

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Ukrainian stars recalled childhood and spoke about the terrible incidents. So, Zlata ognevich and Vladimir Ostapchuk nearly drowned, and Anatoliy Anatolich lost consciousness after a dangerous fall.

“I was like 10, maybe 11. Actually, you know, grow in Krivoy Rog and survive – this is the school”, – says Anatoliy Anatolich.

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As a boy, Anatoly in company with comrades climbed to steal the neighbor’s cherry. However, to enjoy the berries before – the tree was wet after the rain and a baby’s leg had slipped between the branches.

“Next frame home are, some doctors, all in a panic that I lost consciousness for 20 minutes, on 30 may. I had a concussion, but already the next day, I think I had this cherry,” recalls Anatolich.

Danger! Анатолий Анатолич вспомнил жуткий момент из жизни

Anatoliy Anatolich

Was drowning in front of his mother, who worked as a teacher, and seven-year-old Vladimir Ostapchuk. Once she took his disciples to a summer camp, and taking my son. Then the camp was just really bad with hot water, and the woman took all the children swimming at the local lake in Uman.

“I started to sink, and I almost drowned. But as I remember, some force I pushed out, and I had to vikramsila because my mom watched as I was dying, this is real, this is serious history”, – said Ostapchuk.

Almost died at the age of 10 in his native Crimean waves and Zlata ognevich. The singer recalls how in his childhood with his friends, they once bathed in the cool sea during a storm. This dangerous pastime has always gone to children with it, until one day almost turned into a tragedy.

Danger! Анатолий Анатолич вспомнил жуткий момент из жизни

Zlata Ognevich

“At some point I began to choke with water, as was very big waves and I a stone hit in the head. The guy, he was probably 10-13 years old, he noticed that something was wrong and literally by the hair, pulled me to shore,” says the artist.

Then from the shock the girl didn’t even have time to thank his Savior. But admits that once flashed before my eyes all life in the sea during a storm, she’s more than a foot!

“I really at this moment, I remember, I felt that the sun is very bright, the air so delicious, that life is so beautiful”, says gold.

And shocking story of a child of producer and new coach Irakli Makatsaria, who at 7 years of age, almost died in front of his mother.

Danger! Анатолий Анатолич вспомнил жуткий момент из жизни

Irakli Makatsaria

“It was in Batumi, I was very small. I remember that day, she went abroad and we had such a path, the path there were bushes, I just ran out of these bushes, and here the car stopped in about, I don’t know, ten inches. It was probably the most dangerous such case in my life, and thank God that I’m standing here on their feet,” – said Irakli.

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