Danger in badly snowed snowmobile trails

Danger in badly snowed snowmobile trails

The lack of snow in Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean slows down the enthusiasm of snowmobilers who must beware of rocks, holes and trees in the trails.

“The only open trails are those in Monts-Valin. There are hundreds of snowmobilers who follow the groomer closely, so the trails cannot last, ”said the president of the Caribou-Conscrits snowmobile club, Joachim Simard.

Without access to snow-covered trails, snowmobilers who venture there risk having accidents. Moreover, a mechanic friend of the club president is overwhelmed because of the high number of snowmobiles damaged by the trails, he confided.

In addition, snowmobile enthusiasts should beware of waterways. With the warmth of the last few days, the vast majority of ice cream cannot support a person’s weight.

According to Rescue Region 02, the thickness of the ice must be at least 10 cm to venture there on foot. On a snowmobile, it must reach at least 13 cm, depending on the machine.

“Good judgment is black ice cream, frank ice cream, clear as it is called. In normal times, it’s solid ice, ”described the operations and training manager at Sauvetage Région 02, Thierry Gaudron.

If the ice cream breaks, here’s what to do.

“Try to find out where you came from. Extend your arms as far as possible on the ice, kick your legs and then roll, seal, whatever you can to get away from the hole, but above all, don’t stand up, ”described Mr. Gaudron.

The organization recorded three times as many outdoor distress calls in Quebec in 2020.

“If the last time you rode a snowmobile, you were in a certain physical shape, and now you have aged a bit, well you have to adapt the days accordingly,” said Évasion Sport owner Denis Gagnon. , giving the example of several “snowbirds” who decided to reconnect with the sport after years of traveling in the south.

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