Dangerous school: permissible content of harmful substances in the air exceeded 11 times

Опасная школа: допустимое содержание вредных веществ в воздухе превышено в 11 раз

The Rivne Prosecutor’s office began pre-judicial investigation upon detection of dangerous levels of harmful substances in the educational complex (UVK) “Kolegom”. According to studies, the concentration of phenol and formaldehyde exceeded the maximum permissible limits in eleven times.

For many months the students constantly complained of headaches, dizziness and bad smell in the premises of the UCMJ. This is particularly evident in the gym, repaired and open in fall 2016. Last winter, more students than usual were sick of respiratory and viral diseases, many of them went to the hospital. But with an unpleasant smell is a little tied up. Initially, the school administration was hoping that the smell would go away. But in the end, concerned parents and teachers appealed to the Rivne oblast laboratory center.

Examination showed odinnadtsatimetrovy excess in the gym limits the content of the phenol and almost triple — formaldehyde. These toxic substances adversely affect the nervous system and kisacik and can cause burns upon contact with skin. It is assumed that the toxins enter the air from paint, which is painted on the walls. Therefore, the gym, the repair of which cost nearly 3 million, was closed.

But studies have recorded a similar excess in other areas. Thus, in one class a formaldehyde content exceeded the Mac in 2.3 times, and the phenol — five. Therefore, a gorupravleniye of education has created the Commission which was to check the quality of the materials used in the renovation of the school. The Commission found that linoleum and paint have all necessary certificates. But the glue that fastened the linoleum, because of the high humidity are not cured properly. Perhaps because of this, harmful substances and fell into the air.

The fact of inadequate performance of duties on protection of life and health of minors the criminal proceedings, the investigation is entrusted to Department of the Rivne police. In health authorities sent a request about any complaints the students in deterioration during class and how many of these cases. Militiamen establish the quality of the materials used in the repair of the school and who is to blame for the incident, said the “FACTS” in the press service of the Rivne regional Prosecutor’s office. Guilty face a fine of up to 300 non-taxable minimums, restriction or deprivation of liberty up to three years.

According to the “FACTS” that carried out the repair company has already volunteered to remove all hazardous materials (mortar, paint, linoleum, etc.) that are identified in the validation process, and to carry out new repairs.

As previously reported “FACTS”, the Ministry of health still can’t figure out the cause of poisoning of schoolchildren in Cherkasy with a school ruler hospitalized 58 people.

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