Daniel Bélanger has already been attendant to the beneficiaries: “I found it hard”

Daniel Bélanger a déjà été préposé aux bénéficiaires: «J’ai trouvé ça dur»

The crisis, the pandemic of COVID-19 has caused in NURSING homes has brought back Daniel Bélanger for five years as a care attendant.

“We always lost the elderly during heat waves and we always lost the elderly during periods of influenza, in the winter, was told by the author-composer-interpreter in the new podcast of QUB radio , And after…, hosted by Josélito Michaud. It was always an atmosphere quite curious.”

For the artist, however, it is impossible to imagine what that must have felt the orderlies who were hard at work even during the worst of the crisis, which has cost the lives of thousands of seniors in quebec.

“This is a hell, it is serious, severe, he launched. I don’t know what you think of when you drink your coffee and that you eat your two pieces of toast, before going to work.”

  • LISTEN to the full interview with Daniel Bélanger on QUB radio:

And after…

Josélito Michaud goes to the meeting of 20 public figures to talk about the following things, set ways of thinking and try to understand what it will look like the world after that.

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