Daniel Brière's son charged after throwing a wheelchair into a bar

Daniel Brère's son charged after throwing a wheelchair into a bar


The son of former player and current Philadelphia Flyers interim general manager Daniel Brière has been charged in connection with his wrongdoing on March 11. 

The goerie.com website reported on Monday that Carson Brière, a 23-year-old hockey player from Mercyhurst University, is facing charges of criminal mischief and disorderly conduct, as is a team player. stick of the same institution, Patrick Carrozzi. Specifically, the charges include “damaging property and criminal conspiracy to commit mischief.” Both men will appear in court in Erie, Pennsylvania on May 22 for their preliminary investigation.

Furthermore, the same source reported that the athletes concerned will receive their indictment by mail and will not have to be apprehended. For the second-degree mischief count, the maximum prison sentence is two years, while a fine of up to $5,000 is possible.

Daniel Brière's offspring is in embarrassment since the social media broadcast showed him throwing a wheelchair down a flight of stairs inside a bar; the chair in question belonged to a person with a disability, Sidney Benes, 22, who needed the help of friends to get to the bathroom in the basement.

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Since it was uploaded by a bar employee, the video from the surveillance camera has been viewed more than 39 million times. As for Mercyhurst University, it indefinitely suspended the two defendants, as well as a friend – not charged – who accompanied them.


The hockey player in question, who was not found guilty, nevertheless gave his mea culpa shortly after the story broke out.

“I am deeply sorry to my behaviour. There is no excuse for my actions and I will do everything I can to make up for this serious lack of judgment,” he said in a press release.

“I was in shock seeing Carson's actions in this video shared on social media. They are inexcusable and go completely against our family values ​​of respect for people. Carson is sorry and takes full responsibility for his way of acting, “said the father.

On the other hand, these words do not seem to move the victim, who lost both his legs in a car accident in 2021.

“They showed their true colors,” Benes wrote on Twitter on Wednesday. These beings are spoiled ignoramuses. I don't want to ruin their lives, but clearly, they've only been given a slap on the wrist in their existence. They must understand that their behavior is unacceptable.”

-According to the prosecution, the damage found on the chair, purchased at a cost of approximately $2,000 a year ago, is substantial. The left brake handle works poorly, the wheels struggle forward and the rear handle is slightly bent.