Daniel Craig will again soon become a father

Дэниел Крейг вскоре снова станет отцом

Actor’s wife is in late pregnancy.

Appearing recently on the streets of new York city, Rachel Weisz, 48-year-old wife three times by the role of James bond, has demonstrated that before the birth she remained a little longer, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the news of Yu.

It was impossible not to notice that the stomach of the actress became an enormous size. Despite the fact that moving Rachel was already hard but she was in excellent mood, constantly smiling and was chatting animatedly with her beloved husband.

That Weiss is pregnant, she announced in April 2018. “And I, and Daniel was quite happy! Soon our house will be a little man. We look forward to when the baby’s born. While we do not know whether it will be a girl or a boy, and this is an exciting mystery!” said Weiss. Interestingly, since Weiss and wished to find out the sex of the baby: she wants the baby born was a surprise.

The child that will be born very soon, will be Rachel’s second. She already has 12-year-old son Henry from a previous novel with Director Darren Aronofsky. Craig also managed in the past to be a father. The ex-girlfriend of actor Fiona Loudon bore him, in due time, a daughter Ella, who is now all grown up – she celebrated this year its 25th birthday.

We will remind: the decision to have a child the couple adopted only in the eighth year of marriage. They played a modest wedding in 2011, just six months after the start of his novel. Interestingly, before I met Craig, Weiss does not plan to marry. “I never dreamt of my wedding it was absolutely not my script. Because of this I don’t even like romantic comedies, they seemed to me implausible.

Because they always end with a wedding, and then the heroes live happily ever after. As well, I met Daniel at a more Mature age, when he found himself able to believe in true love…” – said the actress.

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