Daniel Radcliffe ready to play Harry Potter in Fantastic beasts ? It responds

Daniel Radcliffe prêt à jouer Harry Potter dans Les Animaux Fantastiques ? Il répond

Daniel Radcliffe ready to play Harry Potter in Fantastic beasts ? It responds

In 2011, Daniel Radcliffe was making his farewells to Harry Potter after eight films. If he has turned the page, some still wonder if the british could take over his role one day in a new movie, or in the saga of The Fantastic Animals which the third film is currently in preparation. In a new interview, the actor told about this possibility.

Between 2001 and 2011, Harry Potter tops in rooms, winning a total of over $ 7 billion of revenue in the world. For many, Daniel Radcliffe is, and will remain Harry Potter, the boy wizard with glasses who has fought Voldemort. However, since the end of the saga, the actor strives to surprise the audience with roles often WTF as in Swiss Army Man or Guns Akimbo, which is scheduled for 2020.

Daniel Radcliffe ready to play Harry Potter ?

A few months ago, Tom Felton (aka Draco Malfoy) confided that he was not certain that the players of the original saga may one day play again their characters. A feeling shared by Daniel Radcliffe who has several times explained that he would not necessarily resume its role as Harry Potter. And the actor has not changed his mind. Questioned by the site of Variety on a possible appearance in the franchise, The Fantastic Animals, the actor said : “I don’t think. I don’t like to say no to this kind of things but this is not something that I look forward to. I think that these films are detached and they are doing very well without us. I’m happy that it’s still like that,” he said. In Animals, Fantastic 2 , in which the action takes place well before the story of the young sorcerer, the fans were able to see Dumbledore version young, played by Jude Law, but it is so dead to review Harry.

It must be said that Daniel Radcliffe has managed to detach from the character and admits to be very satisfied with the evolution of his career since the end of the saga. “I like what is my life today. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t be no franchise but I like the flexibility I have with my career. I don’t want to put myself in a situation where I’ve signed up for a saga for years, “added the actor. In addition to Guns Akimbo, Daniel Radcliffe will soon be the poster of the movie Escape from Pretoria and is also the star of the comedy Miracle Workers, whose season 2 is currently airing in the United States.

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