Danilko admitted in serious disease “treatment, very few of them”

Данилко признался в тяжелом заболевании - "Занимаюсь лечением, очень мало им"

Danilko, photo: Lux FM

today, 06:59

Andriy Danilko in an interview with YouTube show “Lux FM” admitted that it hurts. The actor never called diagnosis and not even hinted what kind of illness befell him. Just shared that doctors understand his condition and the disease, prescribed treatment, which he adheres to, and predict a recovery. The story about the disease, “floated”, when the artist began to explain his current physical condition.

According to Danilko, do not think that he gained weight due to overeating or too strong craving for alcohol – the problem is health. Also Danilko admitted that there are very few eating. When I get better, plans to get back in shape.

Данилко признался в тяжелом заболевании - "Занимаюсь лечением, очень мало им"

Danilko, photo: Lux FM

Danilko not a big fan of giving interviews, but often in them outright. So it was this time. For example, he said that a long time has couple. The artist also said that there was a period in his life when he had a lot of women who love him and petted, however this period ended. In addition, the actor said that it is difficult to imagine living together with someone in the same area.

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Recall that Danylko has long told me that has problems of a psychological nature. This was interviewing’yu confirmed that an artist should depression, which still could not win.

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Recall that Danylko has pleased fans with the announcement of a mini-album of Verka Serduchka – it will be Sexy.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, Andrey Danilko for the first time openly admitted, whose Crimea and going the singer on “Eurovision-2020”.

Also Know As.Eeyore” wrote that Danilko revealed the secret Serduchka, and twenty years had passed.

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