Danilko has pleased fans with the announcement of a mini-album of Verka Serduchka – it will be Sexy

Данилко порадовал поклонников анонсом мини-альбома Верки Сердючки - это будет Sexy

today, 21:20

in the Near future will release a new mini-album of Verka Serduchka. Announced the release of actor Andrei Danilko, which is known to be serving in the creative role of the famous conductors.

The judge of the national selection for Eurovision 2020 Andriy Danylko announced the release of mini-album of Verka Serduchka in an interview with “Hearing” .

Denelco also said, what is the name of the album. The title is quite provocative, “Sexy”. Uttering the word, Danilko even a little embarrassed, and blushed.

I now know that the track listing for the mini album of Verka Serduchka will include recently submitted her composition Make It Rain Champagne, and Disco Kicks and Sexy.

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