Danilko lashed out at journalists – “Flock of sheep”, Hatari and better

Данилко набросился на журналистов - "Стадо овец", хейтери и то лучше

Danilko could not restrain a laugh, HEARING

today, 09:08

After the final of national selection for song contest “Eurovision” Ukrainian showman Andrey Danilko, who was a member of the jury responded to the sharp comments of users of social networks.

A relevant video posted on its YouTube channel and publishing a “Rumor”.

In his comments Danilko admitted negative attitude to journalists after a national selection in a press conference filled up the tired jury of the same questions.

“A flock of sheep,” called the press, the pop star. “Worse haters”, commented another member of the jury Vitaly Drozdov, something Daniel immediately agreed.

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Also during the conversation, Danilko told about his hatred of the smell of desserts. Vanilla flavor pastry creams, according to singer, gives him a nausea. Showman himself admitted that he is much happier perceive bacon and eggs for Breakfast, but the croissant will make him stay hungry.

Данилко набросился на журналистов - "Стадо овец", хейтери и то лучше

Danilko admitted hatred for sweets

Danilko, drinking champagne, also Pozarevac with Tina Karol, and even raised a glass to her beauty.

Данилко набросился на журналистов - "Стадо овец", хейтери и то лучше

Danilko raised a toast to the beauty of Tina Karol

Among other things, the jury also discussed the random laughter of the performer of the role of Verka Serduchka. Danilko admitted that he just remembered something comical, but firmly refused to explain what.

In conclusion, Danilko told the commentators of social networks: “We go, go you”.

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Recall that Danylko has pleased fans with the announcement of a mini-album of Verka Serduchka – it will be Sexy.

As reported by the portal “Znayu”, Jerry Heil my pajamas on, will conquer and Carol Danilko in the final national selection “Eurovision 2020”.

Also “Znayu” wrote that Verka Serduchka noted a strange statement: “Whose Crimea?”.

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