Danilko was deeply moved and returned to X-factor-with “mom” Verka Serduchka in his hands he held the baby Kaponi

Данилко расчувствовался и вернулся на Х-фактор с "мамой" Верки Сердючки: в руках держала малыша Капоню

today, 22:36

Ukrainian artist Andrey Danilko has decided that pleased his fans. Yesterday, live vocal show “X-factor”, which was held on 30 November, he again took his judgment seat.

As you know, a week ago, the actor made a controversial statement that goes with the project and no longer wants to be a mentor because he did not have neither moral nor physical strength. His words he impressed in earnest not only of judges, colleagues, and mentees of the contestants.

Данилко расчувствовался и вернулся на Х-фактор с "мамой" Верки Сердючки: в руках держала малыша Капоню

Andrey Danilko

To support the artist’s fans organized on social network flashmob #Daylabourers. Fans sent Danilko messages with words of support and asked to return to the judges of the “X-factor”.

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Recently aired Danilko appeared before the public, after watching a few of the participants. On the show he appeared not one, and accompanied by his “mom” – Inna Belokon, who was holding a small ginger kitten.

According to a showman, he was sad and ashamed of the behavior on the last broadcast of “X-factor”, but to comment on his action did not want to. He said that is not going to go anywhere and be with his team until the end.

He admitted that he had received many messages of support from fans, it also struck a nice gift from the fans – fluffy cat, whom he called Capone. And then said: “now, I want to sit in the chair and complete 10 season with a good mood.”

Ukrainians on the return of the artist in the project reacted positive and were sympathetic to its temporary “creative crisis”.

Recall that Dan burst into tears in front of everyone, leaving “X-factor”

As reported by the portal Know.ia, the output of a Tribute to “X-factor” blew up the network and marked the beginning of a nationwide flashmob.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote, member of the popular musical show “X factor” shocked the famous Andrey Danilko.

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