Danna Paola (Elite) couple with Jorge Lopez ? Finally, it addresses

Danna Paola (Elite) en couple avec Jorge Lopez ? Elle répond enfin

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Danna Paola and Jorge Lopez as a couple in life ? She responds !

Danna Paola and Jorge Lopez are-they couple since they met on the filming of season 2 of Elite ? While fans of the series, the Spanish are waiting for the season 3 of which the release date is set at 2020 on Netflix, the interpreter Lu has finally responded to rumours which say that they are very close to the one who plays his half-brother, Valerio.

The love he (still) hit it on the filming of the Elite ? During season 1, two couples who were trained behind-the-scenes : Maria Pedraza, and Jaime Lorente, who are always set in the present, and Ester Exposito and Alvaro Rico, which have since broken. A few weeks after the release of season 2, rumors that came from Spain and Mexico suggested that Danna Paola and Jorge Lopez would be as close as their characters (the story of incest in the least).

The response of Danna Paola

The filming of season 3 of’Elite is already finished (the series should come back before the summer of 2020 on Netflix if you believe the mexican singer), but recently, Danna Paola would have left Mexico for a trip in Spain where she would have found his little friend assumed, Jorge Lopez. The rumors of couples are propagated in the mexican media and the actress and singer has FINALLY responded. If you believe the site Heraldo de Mexico, Danna Paola would have been clear on his relationship with the one who plays Valerio : no, they are not a couple. “We have a very nice relationship with Jorge. I don’t have a boyfriend. I am happy and unmarried” would have entrusted to you the star, putting thus an end to the rumours.

You understood, despite their fine words, Danna Paola and Jorge Lopez are close friends. “You are the most beautiful thing in the world” had slipped the interpreter to Valerio for his co-star in a story on Instagram. Saw their chemistry in the series, there was enough to ask questions…

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