Dantes has admitted to relations with a famous Ukrainian singer, this is not Dorofeeva: “I am Happy that …”

Дантес сознался в отношениях с известной украинской певицей, это не Дорофеева: "Счастлив, что ..."

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Famous Ukrainian actor and TV presenter Vladimir Dantes for 4 years married with the actress and the soloist of group “Time and glass” Nadia Dorofeeva. However, he was a real ladies ‘ man. Dantes admitted about his relationship with peers, Svetlana Tarabarova.

About Dantes told in interview to the program “Star way” in category “Coffee with pepper.”

About the novel, Dantes and Tarabarova talking after the show “star Factory”, where they were participants. After completion of the project Dantes was a duet Dantes and Oleinik, and Tarabarova became the soloist of the band “REAl.O”. Dantes admitted that they were Dating. However, the pair broke up and now they don’t communicate.

Дантес сознался в отношениях с известной украинской певицей, это не Дорофеева: "Счастлив, что ..."

Nadia Dorofeeva and Vladimir Dantes

“We have no friendships that we go to each other’s homes. When I do – always say Hello. This, of course, now sound terribly happy that she is with me went. I mean, she had a good family. As I had my wonderful, gorgeous family, best woman in the world, the best girl in the world. And she has a gorgeous family with the best man in the world and everything else,” said Dantes.

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