Dare To Care: “I was told me to be quiet if you asked me”

Dare To Care: «On m’a dit de me taire si on me posait des questions»

An unhealthy climate and of the employees who had to remain silent about the actions of Bernard Adamus. It was the atmosphere that reigned at the Dare To Care, according to an employee present and a former manager.

To the use of the Dare To Care since 2011, Claudie Jalbert was told in 2017 by people of the company to keep quiet if we were asking questions about what Bernard Adamus had done in the past.

“The watchword was to be quiet, she says in an interview at the Newspaper. We did say that if we were asked questions, it was better not to respond. But anyway, for real, I would not even know what to say. “

The one that started at DTC in which the relations of the press and the promo radio for the Heart of a pirate indicates that she was “young and naive” on his arrival in the company.

“I was in my early twenties and I found myself with artists that I thought were so good,” she said. When it’s happened with Bernard, I was already returned to school full time and I worked only for a Dare at a part-time basis. This is what I still do today. “

“I hadn’t seen the scale “

When the movement #MoiAussi broke out in 2017, Claudie Jalbert knew that employees of DTC were concerned that the actions of Bernard Adamus are spread out on the big day.

“No one had spoken to me as a story that would have been set between Bernard and the girl,” she said. This is yesterday [Wednesday] as I knew that there were other stories. I had not seen the magnitude [of the situation]. “

“People have written to me this week to tell me of the cases against Eli [Bissonnette, the president of DTP vaccine],” she continues. It is as if I didn’t know him. I’m on the ass at the moment. It’s been over eight years that I gives me body and soul… […] I would never touted as a box if I had known all of this. Never, never. It’s so out of my principles. “

On Instagram, the former coordinator of the stewardship to the Heart of a pirate and The sisters Boulay from 2013 to 2017, Audrey Canuel, has not been kind to Eli Bissonnette.

“You have made my life a living hell for years, in the exercise of a right of way is unhealthy about me, to me texting at impossible hours of the very limits for an employee relationship-boss, to use my passion for my work to get to your purpose “, she wrote.

“I trusted you, I was so proud to work for you, I saw myself as a model, and I left your company into a thousand pieces “, she continued.

Now working in the Agency Canuel, Audrey Canuel has served on the Journal that she was not ready to talk more about it.

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