Daring Maruv commented on his speech to the nation selection-2019: I thought Danilko get up and go

Дерзкая Maruv прокомментировала своей выступление на Нацотбор-2019: Я думала Данилко встанет и уйдет

Maruv became the most discussed contestant first semi-final of national selection

Her song Siren song in a short time became a hit, and the movie with Frank dancing is gaining more and more views. In the first semifinal of the national selection for the international song contest “Eurovision-2019”, the singer received the most audience votes, but not all members of the jury appreciated her room.

But the singer is not particularly pay attention to criticism in social networks and in the media.

“It’s fun! Interesting to read about yourself news, have something to discuss. Art is provocation. View the most famous paintings. Some like it and some don’t. The important thing is that I have to stir emotions, make says about it. It’s cool! In the West scandals a lot more. What I do isn’t big things,” said the actress during an online conference on the website of Komsomolskaya Pravda.

In addition, the singer admitted that did not expect high marks here Andrey Danilko.

“Did not expect. I thought that Andrew get up and leave (laughs). But members of the jury looked interested. Originally, I was going to climb on the table, even the thought of certain movements. But the producers STB told me that it is better not to do.”


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