Dattella smile spread…no refined sugar added

Dattella smile spread...no refined sugar added


The beginning of the year often rhymes with resolutions. Since the arrival of 2023, I see offers of programs and challenges everywhere. I believe it is not necessary. 

In fact, I am sure that it is more effective to set a specific (and realistic) objective to bring about change. Only one. Then we can move on to another. As I am waging war on refined sugar, here is a gourmet proposal to allow you to cut or reduce your consumption of refined sugar in 2023.

Success makes you smile and make you happy. I hope that this spread without allergens and 100 % happiness in the mouth, the Dattella smile, will satisfy you. Yes, yes, a chocolate spread reminiscent of the one everyone knows.

To be eaten with a spoon or on a slice of bread. Good treat!  


Commercial chocolate spread contains a lot of sugar, as much as cake icing…it's definitely not the best option to start your day. This homemade spread is refined sugar free and contains only 2 g of simple sugars per 15 ml serving… we are far from the 11 g of sugar of the commercial version! 


  • 1⁄2 cup of date puree
  • 1⁄4 to 1/3 cup of vegetable drink or cream < br>(or milk)
  • 1 cup peeled pumpkin seeds, finely ground
  • A pinch of fleur de sel
    (or Himalayan pink salt)
  • 1⁄4 cup of cocoa


Two ways:

  • Put all the ingredients in the container of a good mixer and mix until l obtaining a homogeneous mixture.


  • Pass the pumpkin seeds in a food processor or in the mini-chopper to transform them into powder. Then, put all the other ingredients in a bowl and mix well with a hand mixer.
  • ATTENTION! For the vegetable drink or the milk, adjust the quantity according to your favorite texture.
  • It's so good!
  • Keep in the fridge at least one week in an airtight container.

Recipe from my latest book Energizing Snacks .