Daughter Freimut surprised fans photo without makeup

Дочь Фреймут удивила поклонников фото без макияжа

today, 09:40

The eldest daughter of the controversial TV presenter and national auditor Olga Freimut Zlata Mitchell never been modest behavior. The complete opposite of his star mother.
recently she appeared on a photo in the Grand Canyon, Arizona. There she is dressed in a black short jacket, pants and white sneakers.

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In the same message Zlata pleased with their followers, showing their natural beauty without makeup.

Дочь Фреймут удивила поклонников фото без макияжа

Daughter Freimut Zlata Mitchell

Daughter Freimut Zlata Mitchell

This week was recovery, the end of the old task, physical recreation. Agree, sometimes this stage in life, some call it a black strip in life, some white.

What are your treatment methods and at the same time returning us to reality? Memories and future plans really helped and motivated me! 🚦 ❤ it’s amazing. Share your!

PS. It can be the most natural photos I have posted, without makeup, in windy conditions and with the miracle of nature! she wrote in a note

We will remind, Freimut set the frame, on which is posed on a vibrant Christmas photo shoot with young children.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, 13-year-old daughter Freimut followers is often criticized because it looks older than his years.

Also Know As.Eeyore” wrote that Zlata shared a video where she’s dancing.

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