Daughter Polyakova told about the health problems

Masha became ill on the bus

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Дочь Поляковой рассказала о проблемах со здоровьем

Masha Polyakova

Fans of Masha Polyakova – the daughter of a famous Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova – not a little frightened. That night, 14-year-old girl in the Instagram-Stories published his photo on which she is lying on a trolley for the transport of patients in ambulances. The teenager said nothing, by writing a controversial phrase: “And in the “fast” convenient lie”.

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Later daughter Olya Polyakova made a separate post to Instagram, where he reassured his fans. It turns out that the girl was breathing spasm due to the long sitting in the bus. Note that this weekend Masha Polyakov spent in the river and took part in the conference bloggers.

Дочь Поляковой рассказала о проблемах со здоровьем

“The guys are all well, the trip I had a breathing spasm due to the long sitting in the bus in a bad condition,” wrote Mary.

Earlier, his daughter Olga Polyakova was too “adult” photos. And also admitted how much she earns in Instagram.

To all earlier, Masha on the page in Instagram told subscribers that after the loud statements of its stellar mom, she has applied for participation in the campaign Girl2Leader Ukraine. And Masha Polyakov showed interest to gender aspects in Ukraine and urged everyone to join the discussion of acute problems.

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