Daughter Pugacheva again the bride: Orbakaite planning a wedding, glows with happiness

Дочь Пугачевой опять невеста: Орбакайте планирует свадьбу, аж светится счастьем

Kristina Orbakaite and Mikhail Zemskov


today, 20:18

Popular singer Christina Aguilera and her husband, businessman Mikhail Zemtsov this year will celebrate a decade and a half of married life.

On the fan page in social network Instagram there was a picture that demonstrates the strength of relations Aguilera and Zemskova. Her businessman rolls the singer on the back and they look very happy. And this photo is signed very simply – “Happy together”.

Дочь Пугачевой опять невеста: Орбакайте планирует свадьбу, аж светится счастьем

A screenshot from Instagram

Marriage Zemtsov became Orbakaite first official registration of relations. They married on 9 March 2005. Before the singer was in a relationship with singer Volodimira Presnyakov and businessman Ruslan Baysarov, which has two sons Nikita and Denis. In a marriage, with Orbakajte Zemtsov in 2012 gave birth to a daughter Claudia.

Recall that in December last year Orbakaite said that actually first saw her mother, the popular singer Alla Pugacheva, works on stage.

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Also Know As.have apical that Pugachev will not sing? Diva all frightened, barely on his feet and breathing.

In addition, the portal Know.ia reported that Pugacheva and Galkin have concealed two more children, meet Harry and Lisa, Alina and Gregory.

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