Daughter Pugacheva already in a wedding dress, dad could not restrain his emotions: “Let’s awash in happiness…”, tender photo

Дочь Пугачевой уже в свадебном платье, отец не может сдержать эмоций: "Пусть купается в счастье...", нежные фото

today, 13:28

Visit the daughter of a famous Russian humorist and legendary singer Alla Pugacheva Elizaveta Galkina network Instagram appeared a bright picture, which the girl appeared in a luxurious wedding dress.

It is worth noting that in fact, Lisa is not the first time went to the podium, but every time the kids get out on the track for models with a more confident mood.

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It is possible that the page girls watching her star father — Maxime. And the girl’s parents exactly like that a large number of their fans have their child much attention. Naturally, because your post had a question the answer to which is obvious.

“How do You dress Lisa?” — the question is below the photo.

Subscribers Lisa drew attention to the demeanor of the child, which, apparently, the attention of the audience was not a burden. “Great! And Lisa, well, beautiful, and the way she carries herself”; “Well you can not be so beautiful. Imagine her dancing in that dress. Smart, beautiful, even happy parents and bathed in happiness!”; “Well, very beautiful model!” — admired the followers of a little model.

We will remind, the grandson of Alla Pugacheva broke down: “Nothing”.

As reported Znayu, Galkin and Pugacheva are saving on your own children: “they have no Money, how? They don’t work”.

Znayu he wrote, “Paris is ready!”: Galkin showed French lessons with my daughter, she has a real gift.

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