Daughter Scriabin decided on a Frank statement after the wedding: “my dad always…”

Дочь Скрябин решилась на откровенное заявление после свадьбы: "Мы с папой всегда..."

today, 21:29

The only daughter of legendary Ukrainian artist Kuzma Scriabin (Andrey Kuzmenko) – Barbara got married. Newly-made bride did not hide their emotions and shared their impressions.

The girl told how in her opinion the father reacted to the choice of his daughter. About this Barbara said in the program “social life”.

My dad has always been very trust each other. We were very close, so it would definitely reacted well to my husband, “shared Barbara Kuzmenko.

Barbara Kuzmenko admitted that he knew about the proposal long before it happened.

The recognition was very romantic because it was the place where we first met. It was a surprise, however, I have two months to understand that this happens, as found in phone screens with rings, “–said the daughter of Scriabin.

Elect Maria Barbara became a young man Victor Tour. He, like the daughter of Kuzma, studying at the Kyiv medical University, where Victor and Barbara joined in 2014. Apparently, the pair met during training.

Also a photo from the wedding shared on his page on Instagram, the Ukrainian singer DZIDZIO. In the picture the artist posing together with the bride.

I came here today to congratulate you on the wedding Day of two beautiful young people: Barbara and Victor! Basia is the only daughter of Kuzma, and he together with us today celebrates and rejoices for your child, for this nice new family, “wrote DZIDZIO.

We will remind, the daughter of the late Scriabin struck by Ukrainians for its beauty, a copy of the Kuzma.

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