Daughter Zavorotnyuk cancer put on a show just in the middle of the street: a mini-copy of “My fair nanny”, photo

Дочь онкобольной Заворотнюк устроила шоу просто посреди улицы: мини-копия "Моей прекрасной няни", фото

Anastasia and Anna Zavorotnyuk, photos: mersi

today, 10:54

22-year-old Anna Zavorotnyuk on the streets of Moscow was photographed in fashionable outfits. The corresponding photos appeared in the social network.

Daughter Anastasia Zavorotnyuk Anna recently along with his close friend launched her own line of clothing and accessories D8 Moscow. Photos for the lookbook of the collection decided to do on the street, and as the model was made Zavorotnyuk, Jr.

Дочь онкобольной Заворотнюк устроила шоу просто посреди улицы: мини-копия "Моей прекрасной няни", фото

The new image became an elegant blue dress in the beginning. It was a small neckline and a belt that emphasized the waist of the girl.

On the neck and waist was the same gold elements in the shape of a leaf. Image complements the classic hat. She has focused on naturalness, had my hair and playful curls.

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Recently, Anna has returned to Russia from the United States and has already begun to develop her own business selling clothes. It is reported that the main reason for her return was the illness of her mother actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk.

Recall anabaena Zavorotnyuk refused her husband Valerie.

As reported Know. ua, the daughter Zavorotnyuk broke the silence in the network.

Also Know As. ua wrote that Chekhov talked about the car crash and suddenly remembered the pregnancy.


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