Daughter Zavorotnyuk was brought to tears fans “fair nanny” – “something not so”

Дочь Заворотнюк довела до слез фанов "Прекрасной няни" - "С тобой что-то не так"

Anna Zavorotnyuk, photos Instagram

yesterday, 17:19

The eldest daughter of famous Russian actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk Anna left in his Instagram sentimental post about her sick mother. The girl published a cute photo and caption he shared his experiences due to his sick mother, for the life which continue to fight the doctors. In his post Anna told about the black stripe, and its significance in the life of every person: “Black stripe bring a simple message: something is wrong. She tells you: “You are not what should be””.

The girl argues that this period in life can be a teacher and mentors who reveals the true significance of a person, but a dark side exists to show that it is not modified in itself. “Her mission is to teach us love, compassion forgiveness, acceptance terrible life circumstances and ability to fight. And when people will be on the right path, the shadow will turn to light and will open up new opportunities, forces, new people and a new bright future,” writes Anna Zavorotnyuk.

I must say that enjoyed touched by such a message daughter of the actress, the girl began to support the warm words in the comments to the photo. We will remind, 48-year-old Anastasia Zavorotnyuk was diagnosed with brain cancer in the winter, after she started having severe headaches. On 13 September it became known that she was in the hospital in critical condition. Now doctors are fighting for her life, and relatives are praying and asking for support from fans of the stars.

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