Dave Grohl: “Thank you Canada for Céline and the poutine”

Dave Grohl: “Thank you Canada for Céline and the poutine»< /p> UPDATE DAY

Our Celine Dion and our poutine made an appearance in a Super Bowl commercial on Sunday night, courtesy of Foo Fighters singer Dave Grohl.  

Recruited for an advertisement for the Canadian whiskey Crown Royal, the American rocker declines for a minute several reasons to thank Canada. 

In a reference to our great musical artists, he thanks his northern neighbors for giving the world legends like Rush, Joni Mitchell, Oscar Peterson and Celine Dion. 

After highlighting Canada's contribution to the comedy scene, Grohl reviews our inventions like peanut butter, paint roller and poutine. “These are fries with cheese and gravy. It's good, ”he takes care to specify. ” data-id=”1000393261″ width=”100%” style=”border:none;”data-context=”music” data-type=”playlist”data-pfu=”true”sandbox=” allow-popups allow-scripts allow-forms allow-same-origin”>

Hockey, basketball and even the fart bag are also reasons to say thank you to Canada, according to the designers of this advertising.