David Lemieux: beyond expectations

David Lemieux: Beyond Expectations


David Lemieux has decided to hang up his gloves. A decision carefully considered for several months. It's not easy for a competitor like him to say goodbye to the sport he's been practicing since adolescence.

I analyzed his entire career. He had 43 wins in 48 fights, including 36 knockouts. My observation? He has achieved a career beyond expectation. He defied the predictions. 

I remember the articles after his setbacks against Marc Antonio Rubio and Joachim Alcine in 2011. It was said that the Quebecer would never be a boxer who would shine in the international. 

Lemieux refused to listen to his critics. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he rolled up his sleeves. He decided to entrust his career to coach Marc Ramsay and Camille Estephan as manager. 

This partnership has paid dividends. Lemieux is back on the winning path. He won his next seven fights before ending his association with his promoter Yvon Michel. A stormy divorce. 

It was the right decision. Lemieux's career on the international stage took off. 

Through his association with Golden Boy, Camille Estephan was able to arrange for him a world title fight against Hassan N 'Dam at the Bell Centre. 

He didn't miss his chance. He becomes world champion. No one can ever take that achievement away from him. Not even his critics. 

Penins for his old age

By becoming champion, the powerful slugger signed his most lucrative contract of his career. A unification bout against Gennady Golovkin at Madison Square Garden. A boxer's dream.

By stepping into the ring that night, he ensured his old age. His millions have been placed in a safe place. No madness. He had other paying duels afterwards, but never at this level. From this side, he can retire with his head in peace. 

Physically, David had been mortgaged for several years. It was running on the emergency battery. 

In particular, he had the hands of an elderly person. For a long time, Luc Vincent-Ouellet and Samuel D├ęcarie had to be creative to help him out before his training and fights. They paid off. 

His weight cuts have been torture for most of his career. They caused headaches for his trainers, his promoter and… his nutritionists.

The one in New York in 2018 cost him a date with Canelo Alvarez and millions more in the bank. He had exceeded the limits of his body. 

This bad luck forced him to make the jump to 168 lbs. For the first time in his career, the power of his strikes had less impact on his opponents. And he didn't have the technical qualities to elbow with the elite of this division. 

Pure courage

Lemieux had a unique strength of character.

No opponent scared him. After his losses, he wanted more. 

If he had been offered a rematch against Golovkin, he would have accepted on the spot. 

It was also that David Lemieux. He rushed headlong in the face of challenges. Marc Ramsay and Camille Estephan had to protect him from himself. 

If he hadn't had that will, he would never have become world champion. He wouldn't have had all of his fights on the major American television networks. He can be proud of that.

He retired at the right time. His post-career has been ready for quite some time. His beautiful Jennifer Abel, also newly retired, will also help him in his transition. 

Lemieux has just written a happy ending to a brilliant career. Not all boxers can say the same. 

David Lemieux: Beyond Expectations