David Savard will face the Predators

David Savard will face the Predators


NASHVILLE | Defeated in its last five games, the Canadian will get reinforcements in the blue league tonight against the Predators. 

Absent from the last 13 games due to a top injury body, David Savard will return to the game.

“I was looking forward to coming back, but I had to take the time I needed to heal properly. There are steps in the process that may have taken a little longer, but there was always improvement,” the defender said.

When falling in battle, at Following the game in Edmonton on December 3, Savard regularly spent almost 24 minutes per game on the playing surface. It will be interesting to see if, after a month of inactivity, he will be able to sustain such a workload. .

“I imagine it will go according to the pace of the match. With the team that has spent a lot of time on the road lately, it has been difficult to have practices, to find its match form, mentioned the main interested party. But I feel good. I had no problem in the sessions I did in Brossard and since I joined the team. »

A mental block

To make room for Savard, Johnathan Kovacevic will be left out. In attack, Anthony Richard will be reinserted into the line-up, having watched the last two games from the bridge.

Joel Armia will join Kovacevic in the heights of the Bridgestone Arena. The Finnish striker is still looking for a first goal this season. A lethargy which, in the opinion of his head coach, is beginning to weigh heavily on his shoulders.

“I believe in the Army. Sometimes you need a step back, to watch the game from above. It's not an easy league and sometimes it takes results,” said Martin St-Louis.

“He had a slower start due to his injury. Then when he entered training, there really wasn't a stable chair for him, he continued. Offensively, he did not produce. The further you go without producing, the more gravity accumulates. And it's a mental heaviness. He has a little blockage right now, we want to try to help him. »

Samuel Montembeault will get his 13th start of the season.