Day 1 of the mask mandatory in the metro

Jour 1 du masque obligatoire dans le métro

MONTREAL – Stéphane McDonald’s was one of the few people who do not wear the mask Monday at the metro station Berri-UQAM, then that was the end of the grace period on the requirement to put a cover face in the transit.

“I don’t wear it because I still believe in my freedom and I do not believe what is said on the coronavirus,” said the manager of the grocery store, before adding that, according to him, “90% of the deaths [occurring] in CHSLD”.

During its passage to the subway station, the 24 Hours there were only a dozen people without masks on hundreds of travellers passing through Berri-UQAM. If some users have said to have simply forgotten them at home or in their pocket, Mr. McDonald had with him, but refused to wear it “by choice”.

The man acknowledged to be warn by the Société de transport de Montréal (STM), in stores and on his work – where he wears the mask on his chin, but he was assured that he does not fear the reprisals of the authorities.

“I tell them that I have nothing to waxing; they didn’t give me tickets,” said Mr. McDonald. If I really need my product in the store, I am going to put it, but otherwise, I don’t put it.”

No fine to the STM

By e-mail, the STM has indicated that it will not refuse to offer the service to people without a mask. However, according to the decree entered fully into force on Monday, the carriers are subject to fines ranging from 400 to 6000$ if they transport people without a mask.

“With 68 metro stations, hundreds of niches, and over 1200 buses in circulation at a peak, our teams may not prohibit access to facilities, or vehicles, but will ensure customer awareness of the importance of the respect of this measure,” said Isabelle Alice Tremblay, public affairs officer of the STM, in a written statement.

Thus, the employees will give masks to people who don’t have one, and a team was on site to educate users on the port of the mask, but the STM will not give fines to the users,” said Ms. Tremblay, stating that the police could “be called” reinforcement in some cases.


Even the sound of a bell at exo, the network of transport operating the commuter trains and various bus lines in the metropolitan area, which has expanded its programme of awareness-raising and information on its quays stations.

For its part, the Société de transport de Laval ensures that agents and supervisors are prepared to “intervene with clients who would not carry covers-face”, but it is still there to educate users.

“We don’t have the power to give fines with this decree, especially that it is we who are affected by these fines,” wrote the advisor to the communications and marketing Estelle Lacroix.

She added, however, that no major event has not been reported until now, the vast majority of users who have adopted the mask.

An observation that is shared by Louis-Pascal Mercier, chief of intervention at the STM. “Today, I saw one person in ten who didn’t”, he then estimated that he observed the traffic of users to the Berri-UQAM station.


Users of the MCS who have forgotten their mask can be purchased in the booths of several stations. A service highly appreciated by Constance Swung him, who has travelled to Berri-UQAM by hiding the face with a jacket up to the gate because she had forgotten her mask.

“I was late, I had my head elsewhere, and I’m part very quickly. This is convenient, because I didn’t want to go buy me one. It has well arranged”, she explained.

But for some, the wearing of the mask has not yet entered into the customs.

“It is not accustomed to it yet, started laughing Kissimger Savior. Me, I don’t like it personally, because it warms my skin, but yes, I am going to put it [because] it protects the other.”

Philippe Lafleur, monitor in a shop throwing axe, think on the contrary that the mask is not binding.

“In the subway, there is no physical activity, I don’t have the misery to wear the mask and I don’t see a problem with the wear,” he explained.

User of the metro since her early childhood, Sylvain Bernard thinks that the mask is not a large price to pay for more security.

“The STM is done [its] part, but it is important that the customer do his or her part also. If we are all doing our part, it should go well”, ja-t-it.

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