Day lefties 2019: TOP 10 stars who write with the left hand

See a selection of the most famous left-handers

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День левши 2019: ТОП-10 звезд, которые пишут левой рукой

Lady Gaga, brad pitt and Nicole Kidman

August 13, Tuesday, marks the international day lefties 2019. The history of the holiday begins in 1992, when activists first held a noisy debate, informing the public about the daily discomfort that feels the left-handed population.

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Interestingly, in medieval times lefties were considered “servants of Satan” and became victims of the Inquisition. In the modern world, left-handers are also difficult to adapt, but some of them are outstanding personalities. Moreover, psychologists say that left-handers have a strong character with a powerful creative potential. According to statistics, about 15% of the world population is left — handed. And among them are many prominent personalities.

In honor of the holiday Today.Lifestyle made a selection of the most famous left-handed actors, musicians and singers of our time.

Also Today.Lifestyle have gathered for you congratulations with the International day lefties 2019 in poems and postcards.

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