Day of culture 2019: the story of the day and programme of events in Kiev

Today is the Day of culture 2019 in Ukraine: how the holiday is celebrated and where to go in Kiev

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День Европы 2019: история дня и программа мероприятий в Киеве

Day Of Culture 2019

Today, 18 may, Ukraine celebrates the Europe Day. What is the history of the holiday, and what activities you can visit in Kiev, check out our article.

Europe day: history and meaning of the holiday in Ukraine

Europe day is a holiday, which since the middle of last century is celebrated annually in the countries of the European Union on 5 and 9 may. It marks the peace and unity of all countries of the European Union. Along with a single currency, flag and anthem, Europe Day is a symbol of the EU as a political force.

In Ukraine this holiday was officially established in 2003 by decree of the acting President Leonid Kuchma in honor of the strategic course towards European integration and is celebrated on the third Saturday in may. In 2019, the Europe Day in Ukraine falls on may 18.

Thus, this holiday was perceived as a symbol of unity of Ukraine, its values, culture and history with the European countries.

It is noteworthy that Ukraine is the only country which is not EU member, but this holiday is here elevated to the state level.

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Events in honor of the Day of Europe in Ukraine

Traditionally, the opening ceremony of the Europe Day held in Kiev on the main street and square of the country. With the assistance of the delegation of European Union to Ukraine, embassies of member States of the EU this opens the “European town”, which represents the EU countries and Ukraine.

Here are the geography, the culture, the history of European cities that are members of the European Union, meetings, speeches and debates with ambassadors and representatives of the Ukrainian authorities, students and teachers, as well as other interesting activities on European topics.

This day is traditionally held many different themed events not only in Kiev but also in other cities of the country.

In 2019, the theme of Europe Day dedicated to the Millennium with the beginning of the reign of the Grand Prince of Kievan Rus Yaroslav the Wise. His daughter, Anastasia, Elizabeth, Anna, Agatha – were the wives of the heads of European countries, and the Prince himself made a great contribution to the development of relations between Ukraine and the European countries.

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Where to go in Kyiv at Europe Day

In the capital on that day will be the opening ceremony of the Europe Day with the participation of management of the capital of the EU delegation to Ukraine, the States of the member countries of the EU.

At St. Michael’s square is a creative exposition in the form of Islands, where all European countries. The embassies of these countries will tell about their countries, and on the main stage will perform creative teams from different countries.

International festival of arts “Anne de Kyiv Fest”, which is located in several locations: St. Michael’s square, Belgian alley, Vladimir hill near the funicular, Lviv area near the monument to Anna of Kyiv;

XVII international festival-contest of children’s journalism “Press spring on the slopes of the Dnieper” in Kyiv Palace of children and youth, St. Ivan Mazepa, 13;

52nd tourist-regional gathering of students in educational institutions of Kyiv, SE “Mobile rescue center of state emergency service of Ukraine”, the village of Kozin, Obukhov district;

The national cultural festival “Kiev Klezmer fest”, Kontraktova square;

Festival “GB-con”, str 24;

XIV City competition “Kyiv waltz – 2019” graduates 11-x classes, Singing field of Pechersk landscape Park;

The celebration of Europe Day in Ukraine “EUROPE DAY” in Podolsk district of Kiev, Andreevsky Spusk;

“Youth kaleidoscope” by Day of Europe in Solomenskiy district of Kiev, Park “Encouraging”.

The next day, Sunday, may 19, at 18:30 in celebration of Europe Day will take place the premiere of the oratorio “Yaroslav the Wise. NewVision” by Ukrainian composer Yevhen Stankovych, Mikhaylovskaya square.

The concert of the famous Ukrainian Opera singers in the art project “stars of world Opera”, Sofia square;

Gala-concert of the winners of the XX International festival-contest of children’s and youthful creativity “the World in your hands”, the Song festival grounds Pechersk landscape Park.

This year Europe Day coincided with the Day of memory of victims of deportation of the Crimean Tatar people in 1944. At 12:00 at St. Michael’s square there will be a moment of silence dedicated to this event.

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