Day of excellence for the Jacou reserve who will try to lift the final trophy in Lavelanet

Day of excellence for the Jacou reserve who will try to lift the final trophy in Lavelanet

Jules Poquet's Jacou, ball in hand, experienced suspenseful final phases. Christine Milles

The Jacou rugby players travel this Sunday, June 23 to the Lavelanet field to face US L'Isloise in the final of the French Excellence B championship. Kick-off at 15h.

On scenarios as varied as they are breathtaking, the Jacoumards have built a dream base: a sometimes fiery game coupled with very cool heads.
In question, an eighth won by a patiently covered point against Vendres (16-15), a quarter in overtime against Côte Landes Rugby (20-18) and a collective try of great beauty in a half against Magnoac ( 19-10). "In the regular season, we preferred to advance in disguise even though we often faced Draguignan as a challenge, because the defeat in the sixteenth last year had calmed us down a little, says captain Jules Poquet, at the club for eighteen years. Risk being the habit of winning a lot.
But, with each decisive outing, Jacou finally showed the extent of his tactical and psychological resources: “Vendres was almost at home in Pézenas, in numbers while we were in double with the Première. However, we responded well to the proposed fight until keeping this ball after a penalty that they missed five minutes from the end”.
Whether they were resilient on ten points left on foot in the quarter or very rarely pierced, the Héraultais were quite simply ready: “Our semi-final was controlled despite a somewhat complicated start. Magnoac is the best team we have met; we are shaking a bit at the end but, defensively, I find us strong on the man”.

Rookies against veterans

Especially since this final announces a mouth-watering clash of profiles: “Our opponents, older, have, through their scorer and captain, experience for them, what's more in these matches, recognizes the pillar. We are living – and I include myself in this – for many our first final, with youngsters promoted this year to Seniors. But I know that we are in full swing after a victory against a team that moved the ball so much". A life-saving dynamism for clubs that have been in competition for nearly 11 months…

The group: Poquet, Régnier, Lime – Constant, Mazeline – Fabro, Paulin, Boulard – Mora, Vasseur – Ouchène, Alibert, Theau, Desforges – Veniant. Substitutes:  Malaval, Tissot, Benabdelkader, Brunet, Marin, Ditsch, Seidenbinder. Staff: Poquet, Penaud, Homps.

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