Daybreak : a season 2 in the works ? The co-creator responds

Daybreak : une saison 2 en préparation ? Le co-créateur répond

Daybreak : a season 2 in the works ?

You have devoured season 1 of Daybreak, with Colin Ford, Alycvia Alyn Lind, Sophie Simnett and Austin Crute, and you have loved ? If yes, you are hoping without any doubt a season 2. For the moment, Netflix has not renewed the american series, but the co-creator revealed that the suite was already in writing. Warning, this article contains spoilers about the end of the first season.

iZombie, The Walking Dead, Z Nation, Fear the Walking Dead, Black Summer… the series of zombies are more and more numerous. Netflix has launched a new 24 October 2019. His name ? Daybreak. The story ? After an apocalypse that has turned the adults in Ghoulies (zombies), Josh, a teen of 17 years, leaves in search of his girlfriend, Sam. On his way, he will team up with Angelica (Alycvia Alyn Lind), Wesley (Austin Crute) and Eli (Gregory Kasyan) and to meet other groups of survivors. If you have not seen the end of season 1, do not read the rest of the article.

Season 2 of Daybreak in writing

After many misadventures, Josh (Colin Ford) manages to find Sam (Sophie Simnett), but he didn’t get the happy ending he would have hoped. Yes, while teenagers manage to save their city, Glendale, Sam announces to her boyfriend that she does not wish to continue their relationship and devote himself to his new role, a chief of his tribe. We didn’t expect really to this end. It is hoped that Netflix will season 2 at Daybreak to learn more about the motivations of Sam and see how Josh will handle this breakup.

For the time being, the platform has nothing shared about it, but the co-creator of the series adapted from the comics of Brian Ralph, Aron Eli Coleite, has revealed in an interview with the Opposite that the season 2 is being written : “season 2 is going to reverse the course of history. What I can tell you, is that you can’t trust us. You can’t trust anyone. We need to think about who is telling the story, his point of view, and how and why he tells it.

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