Daybreak season 2 : the sequel cancelled by Netflix

Daybreak saison 2 : la suite annulée par Netflix

Daybreak season 2 : the sequel cancelled by Netflix

Netflix has turned into a bogeyman this year. Rather than offering nice gifts to its subscribers, the streaming platform has just break their heart by cancelling the series, Daybreak, even while season 2 was in writing.

No season 2 for Daybreak

Netflix may be able to save the series cancelled by other channels (poke Lucifer), but this does not mean that the platform SVOD is not the type to put an end to his own fiction before the conclusion of the story. Last example in date ? Daybreak, this series for teens how Mad Max in a post-apocalyptic atmosphere with zombies.

It is on Twitter that Aron Coleite – the co-creator of the series, announced the bad news to fans on Monday December 16 : “We have recently learned that Daybreak will not return for a second season“. “No one is more heartbroken than we are to the idea of not being able to continue to share this adventure with you. But we are happy to have already been able to to take it” he then added.

A sequel was planned

A real shock to the showrunner, especially since he and his team were already working on the new episodes. A few weeks ago, Aron Coleite, admitted in effect this in interview : “season 2 is going to reverse the course of history. What I can tell you, is that you can’t trust us. You can’t trust anyone. We need to think about who is telling the story, his point of view, and how and why he tells it.

Only ground of hope, if fans mobilise enough and that the episodes are already well-advanced in terms of writing, nothing says that the series will not be saved by another chain/platform. After all, One Day At a Time has recently known this chance…

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