Daycares in Montreal at the end of ready to reopen

Les garderies de Montréal fin prêtes à rouvrir

From Monday, thousands of children in the Greater Montreal will find their service of care, as new health rules have been put in place.

Sunday, TVA News visited the private daycare centre Orchard House where the owners were busying themselves with last-minute preparations for the reopening.

In addition to the new distances to be respected in the building, the educators will now be hidden.

“We’re going to get the children outside, as this the children will revise their educator without a mask. They will be able to see their smiling faces and enthusiasm and the children will have their educator to put their mask before entering”, explains one of the owners of the daycare, Yasmine Ghandour.

In this daycare, the owners have chosen to install a system of ventilation by displacement recognized to limit the spread of the virus.

“We chose at the beginning to minimize the risk of colds, flu and asthma. It brings a new advantage today because the system circulates the air in the space and the air breathed by the children and educators is immediately apparent the space,” says the other owner of the daycare, Imad Khalil.

The reopening of childcare facilities will be phased in.

The nursery Orchard House, the maximum occupancy will be 30% for the first phase.


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