Days in Jerusalem under tension, angry firefighters, baby birds in danger: the main news in the region

Days in Jerusalem under tension, angry firefighters, baby birds in danger: the main news in the region

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Tous les soirs à 20 h 30, retrouvez l’essentiel de l’actualité sur

Tensions around the Jerusalem Days

#MONTPELLIER For 47 years, the Jewish community of Montpellier has come together to celebrate Jerusalem Day, "eternal capital of& rsquo;Israel". It was created at the initiative of the Jewish Cultural Center of Montpellier and the mayor at the time, Georges Frêche, with the support of the Department and the Region.

Since then, his successors have followed this tradition. Since October 7, dialogue has broken down between the two camps. It is in this burning context that the 47th Jerusalem Day occurs, this Sunday, for which the prefect issued an order prohibiting demonstrations in Grammont.

Beforehand, a group of associations wrote to representatives of the City, the Department and the Region, asking them not to go there. They denounce the fact that "this festival notably hosts a stand of Sar El, an organization which promotes volunteer courses to assist Israeli reservists of the occupation army, accused of war crimes.

Beware of chicks of migratory birds

#HERAULT Nearly 170 nests of laro-limicoles (little and common terns, as well as pied avocets) were recently counted on the site ;rsquo;Thau pond. The sector concerned is only accessible by waterway and only authorized to professional fishermen.

Buoys and signs also indicate the prohibition of access without this restricted zone. Despite everything, traces of human presence were noted by the scientists responsible for monitoring. "When someone arrives and makes the birds fly away, that leaves them eggs and chicks in the middle of the nest and it’s dangerous for them ", deplores Camille Pfleger, Natura 2000 project manager.

Firefighters demonstrate

#GARD Around sixty firefighters demonstrated this Friday, June 21, in the streets of Nîmes, at the end of the year. call from the majority South union. They denounce management "toxic and inhuman" but also "excesses of power , a breakdown in social dialogue and changes without consultation".

The last meeting with management and the South union was last April. This Friday, the firefighters contacted an advisor to the president of the Department and a meeting would be planned in the coming days. The president of Sdis supports the director who "restored order and morality. Which he does very well. For me, the Sdis du Gard works well. As it has rarely worked so well."

Free train and bus for voting

#OCCITANIETrains and buses will be free on Sunday June 30 and Sunday July 7 to go to vote, provided you present supporting documents. To take the bus, you will need to show your voter card or proof of registration on the electoral lists.

For regional trains, users will first have to complete an online form from June 24 for the first round and from July 1 for the second round. "For us, political leaders, it is a matter of convincing people of the imperative need not to remain voiceless, without choice", explains Carole Delga.

The number of the day: 220

#AUDE/ARIÈGE/ P-O This is the number of competitors who have been meeting since Saturday 22&nbsp ;June, and for a period of eight days, as part of the World Fly Fishing Championship, more technically called WFFC-24.

The competition, which takes place in five sectors between Aude, Ariège and the Pyrénées-Orientales, will bring new features such as fishing in mountain lakes, included in the world championships this year.

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