Dazzling Stromae

Édazzling Stromae


Spectacular! The wait was definitely worth it! In Montreal, for his first concert on Quebec soil as part of his Multitude North American tour, Stromae was simply dazzling.< /strong> 

Seven years after his last appearance, the dazzling maestro completely shone the Bell Center stage on Friday night, touched hearts and made his audience vibrate and dance intensely.

He couldn't do otherwise: it's with the very appropriate Invaincu, the introductory track of his latest album Multitude, that Stromae opened his concert. “As long as I'm alive, I'm undefeated,” he sang with his arm raised, while the crowd was already exhausted.

A harbinger of the future, neither depression nor the hell of the consequences of antimalarial treatment got the better of him. A real beast of the stage, the Belgian singer was in intense form, there was no doubt about it.

To the extent of the immense talent of the 37-year-old singer, the production had no moreover not skimp on the means and had deployed ambitious scenic elements. While a host of motorized lighting projectors energized and swept the audience blue or pink, fifteen removable screens revealed the avatar of Stromae.

“Montreal! Good evening ! It feels good to be back for 4 more Bell Centers! “, launched the megastar after Fils de joie before continuing with All the same while the entire Bell Center got up to dance.

< p>Theatrical gesture

Stromae delivered several titles from his latest album while dosing with his huge hits from the album Racine carrée. Mon amour, supported by a nice animation, La solassitude, with the crowd flailing their arms and singing a cappella the chorus, and the moving When is it? skilfully followed one another, supported by its four musicians, each posted behind a sound console. Since then, the singer has never ceased to put forward the mimics and the theatrical gestures that are so unique to him.

Evaché on an armchair Stromae performed Mauvaise Journée, accompanied by his depressed avatar, ironically continuing with Bonne Journée and sketching a few dance moves while standing on his armchair.

Grand moment

An outcry of applause followed this performance before Stromae introduced

Papaoutai< /em> with a robotic dog. The crowd enjoyed themselves, singing the lyrics for her and they kept dancing to Your Party, Not Really, with a great moment to Great.

At the time of going to press, the gigantic success Alors on danse had not yet been heard and promised to continue to electrify the entire Bell Centre.

Stromae will once again present its concert at the Bell Center on Saturday and Sunday, November 26 and 27, and December 14. It will be at the Videotron Center in Quebec on December 11.