“Dead back”: the first trailer of season 15 of “Supernatural”

In the new season the main characters to face the threat, which didn’t

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"Мертвые вернулись": вышел трейлер 15 сезона "Сверхъестественного"


Only recently, the CW has already announced the release date of the next series of the show “Supernatural”, as a new trailer for the final season of the series.

By the way, also find out how did the lives of the actors of the television series “Santa Barbara”:

In the debut trailer for the final season of “Supernatural” a woman in a white, creepy clown, hordes of zombies and the last chance for freedom in the fight against the omnipotent and angry God.

In previous series the brothers Winchesters have had to face the defeated villains before and lose those they once saved. However, in the last season of heroes and the audience will enjoy a nostalgic meeting with a woman in white that Dean and Sam defeated in the very first episode of the show!

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The CW announced the shocking finale of the 14th season of “Supernatural”

“If she returned, it means that all the dead returned”, – reasoned character of Jensen Ackles. And he’s right, because Chuck, angry willfulness brothers, raised from their graves of all their enemies.

The TV series “Supernatural” will be released on October 10.

Earlier, the CW announced the dates for the airing of the final 13 episodes for their series. It is worth noting that while at issue is the fate of the TV series “all-American”, “Hundred” and “Roswell, nm”

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"Мертвые вернулись": вышел трейлер 15 сезона "Сверхъестественного"

"Мертвые вернулись": вышел трейлер 15 сезона "Сверхъестественного"

"Мертвые вернулись": вышел трейлер 15 сезона "Сверхъестественного"


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