“Dead man” tickled at the funeral, and he began to laugh

38-year-old man named Robby Angela began to move at your own funeral

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"Покойника" пощекотали на похоронах, и он начал смеяться

“A dead man” laughed at the funeral after the tickling

Allegedly, the deceased 38-year-old Robie Angela from the Indonesian island of Madura started to laugh at my own funeral when he was tickled during the ceremony. As it turned out, the dead men turned out to be a hoax, writes The Jakarta Post.

It is reported that Indonesian has expressed a desire in his will to be buried next to the local religious leader Mohammad Alavi. For the funeral the locals put away their things and were digging a grave by the whole village. “Farmers poured their tobacco plants, the people working for the city, decided not to go to work”, – says one of the inhabitants of the island.

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According to eyewitnesses of the incident, the fraud was uncovered when someone tickled foot Roby during the funeral. In the end the man broke down and moved.

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Why he faked his own death, is not specified. People were outraged by the act of Robie and expressed a desire to punish him for his deception.

Earlier “Today” wrote that those present at the funeral of 20-year-old Mohammed Furqan from the Indian city of Lucknow, state of Uttar Pradesh, noticed that “dead” is moving. The cream, we reported that in Fastiv confused dead.

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