Deadly : we need to look at the new French series of Netflix ?

Mortel : faut-il regarder la nouvelle série française de Netflix ?

Deadly : we need to look at the new French series of Netflix ?

After Marianne, Netflix unveiled, this Thursday 21 November 2019, its new French series, Mortal with Nemo Schiffman, Carl Malapa, Manon Bresch and Corentin Fila. If you are followers of fantasy and science fiction, the show Frédéric Garcia is done for you, but if this is not the case, is it the matte or zaps ? PRBK gives you his opinion.

Series French begin to be popular on Netflix. In September last year, the platform has online Marianne, a show of horror with Lucie Boujenah and Victory to the Wood and created by Samuel Bodin who hardcover : Stephen King has even validated. It was also able to watch the two seasons of Plan Heart. In 2020, we will be able to discover Vampires with Oulaya Amamra (Divine) and Suzanne Clément (Versailles), but today, it’s Deadly. Is this new series worth ? PRBK meets you just below.

The essential

Created by : Frederic Garcia
With : Nemo Schiffman, Carl Malapa, Manon Bresch, Corentin Fila, Corentin Vidal (Mental), Firmine Richard, Assa Sylla (Skam), Leah Leviant, Stéphane Brel, Sami Outalbali
Format : 50 minutes
Diffusion EN : season 1, composed of 6 episodes, is available on Netflix from Thursday 21 November 2019

The pitch

While they have nothing in common, Victor and Sofiane are linked by a pact made with a supernatural being by the name of Subject. They discover very quickly that they have inherited powers of voodoo. They will then use it to find the murderer of his brother Sofiane. In their mission, they will be joining with Luisa, one of the students of their school. The teens will form a trio welded, despite the obstacles they have to cross.

Deadly : check out the trailer for the new series Netflix

A fantasy series addictive

Even if the band-announcement of Deadly has cooled more than one, we advise you to watch the first series young adults French Netflix. Your opinion may change as soon as the first episode, or if you are more difficult to convince, it will change as soon as the second episode.

In a few minutes, you are immersed in the fantastic world and honestly, it was enough to make us addict to the show of Frederick Garcia. It’s good to see a French creation, with the supernatural powers, special effects, and a soundtrack urban hyper efficient, driven by teens.

The actors, Nemo Schiffman, Carl Malapa, Manon Bresch, or even Corentin Vidal (seen in Mind about France Tv Slash and Clem), have very little experience with the screen, but it does not feel really. They provide a very natural and spontaneous to Mortal that may be disturbing to some. For our part, we have been convinced by their play much more than they managed perfectly to take us into their world and in their mission. It also attaches quickly with their characters.

The French series also offers us a real increase in power. If in the beginning, Victor and Sofiane manage to control their powers, they lose control of the situation as of episodes, therefore, it’s difficult not to see the disaster happen.

In short : if you like the fantastic genre, science fiction, special effects, and the teen shows, Mortal is without a doubt made for you. Do not shy away from the fact that the series is French. We know all the cliché -“it’s French, it sucks“. Honestly, wait before judging. Let a chance to the creation of Frédéric Garcia, it is really worth the shot.

Mortel : faut-il regarder la nouvelle série française de Netflix ?

Deadly : our view on the series

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