Deadpool 3 : Ryan Reynolds announced the result !

Deadpool 3 : Ryan Reynolds annonce la suite !

Deadpool 3 : Ryan Reynolds announced the result !

While Deadpool 2 should be the last film, the redemption of the FOX by Disney has changed the situation. For proof, during a recent interview, Ryan Reynolds was announced as Deadpool 3 is finally in preparation ! The actor says more about the suite and on the change in production company.

Deadpool is without a doubt the super-heroes the more rebellious : he does a little of what he wants, when he wants, where he wants to. Ryan Reynolds embodies rather well, it was hard to imagine another actor in the skin of this character. He also brought back a lot of people in the cinema since the first film has accumulated more than 3 million admissions at the box-office French while Deapool 2 has brought more than 2 million. The third pane will he make as much ?

Deadpool 3 in preparation !

Well, the last news, it should not have Deadpool 3 : “On a result, it is something weird to say, but I don’t think there will be a Deadpool 3, “said Ryan Reynolds in may 2018. Except that more than a year after this comment, the plans have changed, especially with the acquisition of 20th Century Fox by Disney.

For evidence, a sequel is in preparation as announced in the star of 6 Underground (new film by Michael Bay) on the set of Live with Kelly and Ryan : “Yes, we are working on it at this very moment with the entire team. We are now in the Marvel studios, which is such as to change the division. It is pretty crazy. So yes, we work on it.” Here’s a good news ! Deadpool has therefore not finished to do some damage !

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