Deaf and mute, she calls the emergency services and saves her friend

Deaf and dumb, she calls the emergency services and saves her friend


Deaf and mute, a young woman saved her friend's life by contacting emergency services after her ex-boyfriend strangled her in the middle of a video call. < /p>

The event occurred around midnight Tuesday in Toulouse, France. While the two women were chatting by videoconference, one of them was savagely strangled in front of the other, reported the French media “La dépêche”.

The woman thus saw on her screen her friend's ex-boyfriend appearing behind her and attacking her. Being deaf and mute, the witness quickly dialed 114, this emergency number dedicated to the hearing impaired.

Suddenly the alert was launched on the police airwaves, the anti-crime squad went to the scene and pounded on the door to enter the apartment. It was finally the victim, aged 23, who opened the door to the police. She had marks around her neck, according to “La dépêche”.

Unfortunately, the 23-year-old attacker was already known to the authorities in connection with a history of violence against the victim. The latter was forbidden to come to the home of his former girlfriend.