Deafness and COVID-19 : the mask, one more obstacle to overcome

Surdité et COVID-19 : le masque, un obstacle de plus à surmonter

For the hearing impaired, the mask is one more obstacle to overcome in order to accomplish the daily tasks.

Kim Auclair is deaf from birth. She hadn’t realized how much she could read on the lips before the mask-wearing compulsory will not be in force.

“At what point I was reading on the lips, I did not realize it”, she admits.

The young woman has experienced some difficulties in some shops of Quebec, a gift to an individual who has marked.

“I asked to repeat and repeat and there, I felt a form of anger. There were two security guards. The one on the right screamed. The other began to repeat louder. So it is sure that I felt uncomfortable”, she says.

In order to avoid incidents of this kind, Hearing Quebec to put su up a guide to the attention of the traders.

It recommends, in particular, the port of the visor and the mask with a transparent window.

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